Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our New Life with Dax

Dax has made himself right at home in all of our hearts. He is just such a sweet baby.  He brings a sense of peace to me whenever I hold him. He doesn't complain about life at all unless he is sleepy or hungry.  He really is a piece of heaven in our home.

I love the way Dax is looking at his daddy.

I think it took close to 3-4 days before Dax would finally open his eyes all the way.  He is 2 days old in this photo and this was about all I ever saw of his eyes until he finally decided to open them all the way.
For a while there Dax had a perma grump face whenever he slept.

Kai trying on Dax's hospital hat.

Dax and cousin Grayson.  Dax is 4 days older and 1 pound heavier than Grayson in this photo.

Burrito Baby!

1 Week Old
My Three Boys

2 Weeks Old

3 Weeks Old

Our New Arrival

Dax Michael Stocks
December 8, 2012
7:59 pm
8 pounds 7 ounces
20.5 inches

Dax is finally here and we love him so much!  The night before Dax was born I started feeling contractions and got so excited! When I laid down to go to bed the contractions had stopped and I was pretty bummed out.  The next morning I started feeling the contractions again but they were very light so I decided to look up ideas online on how to help labor progress and one of the ideas was to bounce on a ball.  So I headed downstairs and pulled out our exercise ball which I am pretty sure has never been used up to this point, and I began to bounce on it, it didn't last long before Kai commandeered the ball for his own fun.  So I decided to bounce him up and down on the ball since that would also make me do a bouncing motion.  Sure enough my contractions picked right up!  My family was all headed up to our house to work on our upstairs that morning, so I texted my sisters Julia and Alisha and told them I think I am going to have this baby today.  They were all pretty excited.  My Dad and few of my brothers as well as Ben began working on the upstairs and by 11:00 am I told Ben we should probably head over to the hospital.  My dad and brothers stayed behind and continued to hang sheet rock the rest of the day, they are amazing! I invited Julia and Alisha to come along and called my Mom to tell her we were headed to the hospital.  My sister Jamie wasn't able to come up because she had other activities going on with her children.  I never thought I would have anyone in my room other than Ben but I actually enjoyed having their company.  I am happy it was just me and Ben for Kai's birth but I also enjoyed having two of my sisters and my Mom there for Dax.  We got to the hospital and they said they would keep me.  Every time I laid down my contractions would slow down so I tried to keep walking around.  A mid wife came in and broke my water, but it didn't feel the same as when my water broke with Kai but I didn't worry too much about it.  After my water broke with Kai my labor progressed really quickly and I gave birth just a couple hours later.  With Dax labor was going so slow and despite my epidural it was painful and uncomfortable.  While I was delivering Dax my water broke...that's right, when the mid wife came in she never fully broke my water which would explain my extremely slow progression.  While that was pretty annoying I was just so happy to finally have my sweet boy in my arms.  I fell in love instantly.

Ben and I could not decide between the names Crew and Dax until after he was born.  I looked over at my sweet baby as they were weighing him and I just new he was my little Dax, so I told Ben and he agreed.
First Bath

The night Dax was born my parents brought Kai to the hospital to see his new baby brother but Kai was all tuckered out and was asleep by the time they made it there.  The next morning my parents and Alisha brought Kai to the hospital, when Kai walked in the room he literally gasped.  I have never seen him do anything like it before.  I am pretty sure Kai fell instantly in love as well.  He takes such good care of his "brudder Dats".

First Family Photo

Getting dressed for the first time.
Ready to go home!


Here was our last lazy Sunday before our sweet Dax arrived.  We spent the morning playing trains.

I cannot resist this sweet face!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kicking Off The Christmas Season

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to take Kai to see the Temple Square lights since we knew the baby would be coming any day in December.  It was very cold and very busy!  Next time we will be sure to not visit on opening night.

The next day we headed up to Preston for the Festival of Lights.  Kai was so excited when he saw Santa Clause!


There is nothing like Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  If there is one meal I crave all year round it would be this one.  My dad makes the BEST turkey, I LOVE my mom's stuffing and I eat my family's yams like they are candy!  

Here is a shot of the food before we dug in.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Ben wiping his plate clean!

Kai has not yet found the joy in Thanksgiving dinner, here he is eating Cheerios.

Dinosaur Museum

During one of Kai's and my trip down to South Jordan we visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Pointe.  We took his cousin Ben along with us and met up with his Aunt Jen and all of her children. Little Ben has become one of Kai's good buddies.  Whenever we visit my parent's house Kai will go down stairs and shout for Ben.  It is pretty cute!

Before you head into the Dinosaur part there is a sound room, with a lot of neat stations that teach children all about sound.  Here are some photos of Kai exploring.


At the end of the museum there is a sand pit where the children can go and dig for dinosaur bones.

 Afterward we stopped for ice cream and I got myself a turkey sandwich.  There was something about my pregnancy that had me craving a turkey sandwich EVERY Day!

This is Kai on the ride home playing with his new souvenir.