Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our New Life with Dax

Dax has made himself right at home in all of our hearts. He is just such a sweet baby.  He brings a sense of peace to me whenever I hold him. He doesn't complain about life at all unless he is sleepy or hungry.  He really is a piece of heaven in our home.

I love the way Dax is looking at his daddy.

I think it took close to 3-4 days before Dax would finally open his eyes all the way.  He is 2 days old in this photo and this was about all I ever saw of his eyes until he finally decided to open them all the way.
For a while there Dax had a perma grump face whenever he slept.

Kai trying on Dax's hospital hat.

Dax and cousin Grayson.  Dax is 4 days older and 1 pound heavier than Grayson in this photo.

Burrito Baby!

1 Week Old
My Three Boys

2 Weeks Old

3 Weeks Old

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